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Temporary Solutions Aren’t the Answer

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You’re living a double life.

Fearful, because if the ones who trust you knew what you were up to, they’d break all ties and end relationships with you.

Confused, because you’ve tried solving your sex addiction alone, with other professionals or programs, but nothing helped.

Powerless, because it gets worse with every broken promise, with every shame-filled hidden action.

Frustrated, because you suffer – and those you care about will suffer if you don’t get help.

Desperate for change…

Compulsive and addictive sexual activities are ruining your life.

They’re betraying your values and commitments to the ones you love.

You want to gain control over this destructive behavior so that it never returns.

“Am I beyond help?”

You deserve the best help…

… and it’s available.

It’s not easy taking the first step to find solutions for problems and behaviors that seem impossible to overcome.

But you can rebuild parts of yourself that were fractured because of your choices.

You can excel in all the commitments you have to a partner, family, friends, work – and, most importantly, yourself.

It’s time to trust yourself more deeply.

Trust that you can break free of the addiction that’s causing so much fear, confusion, frustration, and powerlessness.

And I know that it’s important for you to trust a therapist who can actually help.

You’ve come to the right place.

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Hi, I’m Peter Stathakos.

Like you, I am not interested in band-aid solutions or treating symptoms – and addictions and betrayals are always symptoms of underlying, unacknowledged wounds in our earlier or current relationships.

I’m motivated to address these core issues, because as much as I may come to like you, I do not want to see you forever.

I want to see you flourish in all the different roles and relationships you have in life.

You deserve this.

More About Me

Don’t give sex addiction another day of power.

The road to healing and recovery isn’t one you must take alone.

Permanent solutions are available so that you have the life and relationships you want.

Book an appointment now: (437) 800-8860. I am ready to help!

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