Sex Offender Assessment and Treatment

Sex crimes or sexual offenses come in many varieties.

There is the classic trench coat offender; the child offender; the child pornography watcher or maker; public photo taking; a customer of the sex trade; a sex worker; having affairs or starting relationships with people you mentor, supervise, or spiritually direct… there is no limit to the amount of ways someone can be sexually harmed.

You are coming to me or are being directed to come to me because you want to stop doing this; and those around you, the courts, or even yourself want to know why this has happened.

I know that you have been considering therapy for a long while now but are too afraid to admit, even to someone specialized at helping you with this problem, the extent of your actions for fear of judgment and persecution.

What you are afraid to tell me, I have heard many times before. I’ve seen it, have dealt with it, and am looking forward to helping you.

Are you afraid of hurting others?

You feel bad about what you have done and are worried that this is spiraling out of control.

Fearful about the prospect of imprisonment?

Spending time covering your tracks with fake usernames to guard against jail is a sign that you are in trouble.

Are you confused about your own actions?

Guilt is beginning to mount, and you feel like a terrible human being.

Don’t know why this has happened?

Your upbringing and life experience can’t possibly contribute to this; could it?

Others around you want answers, too.

You are being questioned about whether this will happen again, but you can’t provide any answers that you or others believe. I mean, they say, “once an offender, always an offender.”

Your partner or family want to know how bad things are, because they know that you have been hiding your actions and feelings from them. They believe that you are manipulating them by saying only things that they want to hear.

They also want assurance that your children or other children are safe, but it will take time to rebuild trust.

You are feeling like you are teetering on losing everything – your freedom – and if you went to prison, your life.

You need help, and that’s why I’m here.

Support for the Offender

Treatment involves addressing the core reasons and circumstances leading to offense. This process is custom to the person receiving care.

It will include empathy development, increase in emotional range and capacity, self-awareness, and the establishment of healthy physical, emotional, and cognitive boundaries.

The cost for this treatment may be more than the cost of the therapy provided to others due to the increase of necessary care provided.

Support for the Victims

Whether this is the first time, or it has happened several times to you before – seeking healing and growth is important to regain the life that you had and wanted.

Part of your healing will be understanding: Why did this happen to me?

Police, media and other professionals will say that it was random – but it usually isn’t totally random like a drive-by shooting.

Most victims of sexual abuses are known to the Offender which means that you were targeted. My work with Offenders will offer you new insights about why you were victimized so that you can better protect yourself and so that you no longer put yourself in vulnerable positions. I can answer the hidden questions that run through your mind making it hard to get out of bed.

Support for Family, Spouses, Friends, Children of the Offender

It can be shocking to learn that someone you care about has sexually offended. You will need help to learn strategies to help yourself, to better understand them, and a plan about how to move forward in your relationship.

For Assessment

For Concerned People (non-court)

This Assessment will include the Sex Addiction Assessment which is a multiple-choice test with about 900 questions that can be done online using any device or location. It takes about 90 minutes to complete.

Further, it will include my analysis from the sessions that the concerned person has had with me.

The results will be communicated verbally concerning the probability of re-offense, the conditions for potential offenses, the predicted escalation of behavior, a treatment plan, and recommendations for those who are concerned.

For Court Assessments

An Initial Report on Findings:
The initial report detailing the underlying beliefs, life impacts and drivers of your client leading to the actions that led them to the legal system being involved in their life. The contributing factors and internal processes specific to the series of events leading to legal involvement. An assessment of recidivism for each charge and recommendations for treatment going forward.

Each session, which is both explorative for the purposes of the report and treatment, will be the cost per session.

A Comprehensive Report

A comprehensive report which expands on the initial report and is targeted to the legal system to: educate the system on your client, their circumstances leading them there, on the recidivism on each charge and detail on treatment. This report will clearly communicate, explain, and defend the positions taken in the initial report.

You’ve come to the right place.

Being overwhelmed by the complexities of your situation, whether the offending person, a loved one or a victim – or a lawyer needing understanding – I am unique in my experience and ability to effectively support you all in this complex matter.

Please call (437) 800-8860 or click here for a free consultation or to book your first appointment.

According to the Toronto Police Parole Board, no sex offender has re-offended while under my care.