Online Therapy for You
or Your Relationship

Save travel time. Increase convenience. Portability.

You don’t have to be physically in my office to get the effective help that you deserve.

Online therapy is an effective alternative to in-person therapy to receive the impact that you are seeking in your life or your relationship.

Who has time for effective therapy?

It is often difficult to find the right therapist where you live – and the right therapist for you is a key component for effectiveness.

Pursuing online therapy is about getting the best value from your therapy, because you are taking advantage of technology to get the customized care that you deserve.

Online therapy is an option for you or your relationship…

Do you want help but find it hard to schedule the time?

Feeling more comfortable in your own space?

Do you or your partner travel often and are separate from each other?

The online therapy that I offer is an effective option that is tailored to you and your needs.

I offer the most secure platform for video online therapy. Unlike Skype or Zoom, which are free or inexpensive for therapists, my platform is the highest encryption technology available specific to this field!

You are willing to do whatever it takes to receive the best care possible.

Experienced in many modalities, I am able to apply my skills online as effectively as in person – with some creativity when using more complex techniques.

I will ask that you have paper and a pen ready – not so you can take notes – but so we can involve techniques that would be used in my office.

Customized. You-Focused. Effective.

With technology, you can more easily create the time, space, and have the right therapist.

Whether it is only one or both of you who wants counseling, the time to take action to save your relationship is NOW.

We offer customized therapy to you and your relationship if you are motivated to address the root causes of sex and love addiction and relationship distress resulting in a permanent lasting solution.

A life without sex addiction is possible, just as having the life and relationships that you always wanted are possible; we can help you live as you were meant to.

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