Couples Therapy for One or Two

You are now distant from each other…

… searching for answers from each other despite knowing that it will only cause yet another fight. Maybe it’s hard to just say “good morning” without fear of attack or “the cold shoulder.”

… wanting to connect with each other, but even the things that you used to enjoy together – parenting, cooking, or even simply dinner are more difficult.

… fighting for the relationship, but any attempt at self-care results in accusations that you are neglectful or one of you is suddenly working more to avoid being at home or together.

… part of you wants it to work and another part wonders if it is better to end it.

… You want closeness, but the more you force it the further apart you are becoming…

This no longer works and you know this.

But you deeply want this relationship to work.

You remember the vision you shared together on the day that you committed to each other.

Investing in effective therapy for your relationship will be cheaper than the cost of both of your lawyers – and more importantly, further your growth and the fulfillment of your dreams. Separation is not the answer – at least not without an experienced expert first.

Let’s go recover your vision together.

The time for help is now…

Why? Because you want help now.

You don’t have to be held hostage by your partner’s resistance and fears about therapy.

Your actions to take the steps that they are afraid to make will inspire hope.

One person making changes will transform the relationship.

Our action plan will be to quickly identify the unhealthy ways that you are trying to help your situation and transform this anger into constructive, empathetic, and vulnerable action rooted in love.

Take the first step…

You will take the step forward to enhance your relationship, because living a constant silent sadness won’t just go away with time.

The time to take action to save your relationship is NOW.

The person to contact is me.

We offer customized couples therapy to those who are motivated to address the root causes of their relationship issues.

Our first steps toward your relationship healing and growth are:

  • Setting up a free consultation so we can discuss your situation
  • Identifying what has and hasn’t worked for you thus far
  • Determining what customized therapy will look like for you and your relationship
  • Make sure we understand what you need from us to get the most out of our time together
  • Answer any questions you have about therapy and about how we can help you.

It is possible for you to have a better relationship than you ever had after facing sex addiction together, we can help you experience the love you have for each other that is covered up by all the hurt.

To book a free consultation or your first appointment, please call (437) 800-8860 or click here.