About Peter Stathakos

About Me

I never thought of becoming a therapist – rather I wanted to be a baseball player. The baseball field, for me, became a field of creativity and timing. The art of hitting a round ball with a round bat square on the core of the ball with the sweet spot of the bat became a metaphor that I carry with me.

I never pursued a career in therapy, let alone in matters related to sex, love and relationships – it became clear that this was my path.

Growing up I perceived therapists, mostly from going to some appointments for my mother’s schizophrenia, as ineffective with lots of listening and not much impact.

A special set of skills…

While training with a psychoanalyst from the Centre of Mental Health and Addiction (CAMH), I learned that I possess some special talents — namely, hyper-empathy, hyper-intuition and hyper-anticipation skills.

I also learned that these traits are unique to children of schizophrenics, of whom I am one. It gave me more gratitude toward my mother who suffers that brain disease, for it helped shape the quality of my work in advantageous ways that differentiate me in this field.

When I’m not doing therapy…

I love playing sports, especially hockey, but I hate exercise!

I also like cooking and gardening – but my spouse insists that I am good at neither.

Someday, I’d like to try my hand at stand-up comedy – having done improv in my younger days.

For now, though, making beer and wine at home will suffice.

Ready to take action? 

…and engage in a therapeutic process that is tailored for you.

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