About Madison Weir

About Madison

I’m all about connection.Madison Bio Photo

Every step of my life has been driven by opportunities to connect with people as they are, and so far it has taken me along quite a journey. So far that has brought me through late nights shooting independent films on a shoestring budget, with burned fingertips and aching insoles serving in restaurants in the city, and in conference rooms and rooftops with handfuls of honeybees as a beekeeper.

As the Corporate Services Director, I am the first voice and face clients see coming into the practice, but I’m working primarily behind the scenes to ensure our operations are going smoothly and planning for improving and expanding the practice for the best possible experience for our clients. 

Out of the office…

You’ll find me trying new recipes to cook up in my tiny kitchen.

Walking my dogs through my neighbourhood and the woods.

Experimenting with different textile arts.

Attempting to identify all of the flowers that cross my path.