About Lani Singer

About Me

I love an adventure…I moved to Toronto from Melbourne, Australia, in 2017 on a whim – to shake things up and see what it’s like to live with snow! Four years later, I’ve made this city my home and love helping the people that live within it. I found my place in social work after backpacking on my own in my early 20’s through North America, Europe and South East Asia – which taught me resilience and the power of human connection! My passion for working with individuals with severe mental illness and those involved in the justice system has led me to some interesting roles and places. All of this has now cumulated into working at this unique and special practice.

Outside of the 9-5…

I’m a shameful lover of reality tv shows, It’s my opportunity to unwind. 

My last name’s Singer and I can’t hold a tune whatsoever…I do love dancing though!

To be honest, I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like. Family, friends, food, wine, dogs and summer, are my idea of a good time – pretty cheesy, eh?

Ready to take action? 

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